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Mike has played drums in more bands than he can remember, not to mention all the recording sessions! Recent bands include The Mars Project with John "Ratso" Gerardi and the late NYC R&B legend Angel Rissoff; The Police Files, a police tribute band with Atlantic Records studio guitar mainstay Ira Siegel and Jim Keneally (who recently toured with The Rascals); The Matt Rae Trio; and the hugely popular Westchester County cover band The Bookends.

Here is a sampling of other bands and/or musicians that Mike has performed or recorded with: Christopher Brown ("Dots"); Royal Teaze; Paul Chapin; Marty Q; Arlen Roth; Nick Moroch; Porter Carroll, Jr.; Bobby Brooks Hamilton (Jackie Wilson's son); Roxy Perry ("In My Sweet Time"); The Long Shadows Band ("Angels in a Battlezone"); Tracey Marble (his most excellent wife!); The Heroes; Otis and The Hurricanes; Mia Fanali; Margaret McGlinn; Bill Kirchen; Steve Johnson; Dan Hovey; Scott Spray; Paul Opalach; Bar Scott ("Silence is Broken"); Lincoln Schleifer; Marvin Stamm; Kathryn Davies; Jesse Terry; Andy Abel; Dave Webster (Chris Webby's dad!) "Dance on the Moon"; Susan Piper "The Truth Comes Out"; Bill Foley "Trials, Tribulations, and Sordid Details"; Of "Two Versions"; Bill and Don Harris...

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